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Tire Shop Software

Designed and built by real tire wholesale/tire retail operators who understand daily struggles of running a store.

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Cloud-based POS System

Forget about a complicated server on site, or configuring networks, or VPN's. Tire Base works with a stable internet connection.

Simple and Modern Interface

Easily create quotes, work orders and invoices, in an interface that requires NO training at all. 

Till and Closing Day Reports

Get notified anytime there is a variance on your end-of-day report, and easily find where the variance is coming from. 

Vehicle Assignment by Customer

Easily keep track of customer vehicles and the respective service performed. 

Customer Scheduler (Calendar)

Decrease the amount of "No-Show" appointments, Tire Base sends appointment reminders via SMS and keeps track of all your appointments in one place. 

Customer History

Know exactly what your customers bought, and easily reprint, email or text customer their invoice. 

Multi- Locations

Manage multiple locations and share customers, vendors, and create inter-company transfers between locations easily.

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Accounts Receivables

Give customer payment terms, and track their payments and their balances. 

Accounts Payables

Keep track of what is owed to your vendors in a simple-to-use interface that allows you to review received invoices. 

Inventory Restocking Alerts

Never run out of stock of the inventory that your store always needs to have. 

Inventory Tracking 

Track all your inventory and obtain useful reports to find the root cause of differences fast. 

Tire under Repair

Who We Are

About Our Company

We have been in the tire industry for over 35 Years, gathering experience from running tire shops, tire wholesale warehouses, and auto repair stores. We build this program with all of our businesses in mind. We are not in the software business; we are in the tire business and happen to build great simple programs to automate and simply daily operation. 


Estimates, Work Orders and Invoices Generated


Hours dedicated to building our tire catalog


Server Up Time

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Fernando Herrera

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Our Partners

We believe each client is a long-term partnership

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